Costs of Autism


This website has been set up to provide more information on recently published work on the costs of autism.


Autism is a very costly condition, affecting both families and society in general. Recently, a number of articles have been published that report on the direct medical costs of autism. These studies have typically used insurance claims data. Other published research, using survey data, reports on various dimensions of non-monetary costs, such as caregiver burden and quality of life issues.


Two recent publications, described here, have presented a description and results of a lifetime autism cost of illness model. This model links data on direct medical, direct non-medical costs, and indirect costs (lost productivity) over the lifetime of a hypothetical person with autism.


The model estimates that a hypothetical person with autism incurs about $3.2 million over his or her lifetime and that a hypothetical cohort of individuals with autism incurs about $35 billion over their lifetimes.


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Michael Ganz, 2008

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